Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table, such as crystal clear natural sounds of nature

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replica watches ulysse nardin Perfect, professional, and have a multi-skill Chopard Chopin watchmaking workshop for more than six years since the development of the brand to achieve the perfect time to ask the table. L.U.C series was launched in 2006, a small hour when the small self-styled watch: L.U.C Strike One, at every point in time to play spring time. In the future, the series will add a completely by Chopard Chopard independent research and development, manufacturing, assembly of the three asked: L.U.C Full Strike watch. From the outside, it is a "fair mining" rose gold to create, 42.5 mm in diameter table, with a fine hollow dial of the excellent watch, but the appearance of the beautiful appearance of the fact that there are many major technological breakthroughs, so that among the The most innovative ideas of the three asked the list.
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strik

replica watches u boat Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Three question form is a hit with a transparent crystal sound spring to report hours, engraved and minutes of extraordinary timepieces. These long tubular coils are connected with the mirror of the watch to make the whole body a perfect loudspeaker device, faithfully passing the sound of the sapphire crystal produced by the hammer, and the device can be made at 10 o'clock Location at a glance. It has a sound of unparalleled pure sound quality, rich and rounded and rich, resonating a strong and awakening sound of the sounds of nature. We can imagine that kind of clear crystal tone in the watch on the show. L.U.C Full Strike The sound of the three questions is as if we used a high-level silver knife to tap a beautiful note from the Bohemia Crystal Cup at the star restaurant table.
Chopard Chopard watchmaking ideas
In this beautiful music behind the hidden Chopard Chopin watchmaking unprecedented, the most sophisticated complex, but also the most creative movement. In order to develop this self-made 08.01-L movement, Chopard Chopard spent nearly fifteen thousand hours of investment and energy, and applied for three patents. And therefore Chopard Chopard in the internal self-developed a completely innovative design, to solve some of the long-standing difficult to overcome the mechanical problems. These innovations not only focus on the nature of the sound spring, but also consider the overall timekeeping device, its function and even ergonomics.
The most special is that this movement is equipped with a set of security protection system to protect the movement will not be any adverse effects and the impact of the three functions of the normal operation. The crown is rotated in one direction for the movement of the movement and the other direction is rotated. L.U.C Full Strike three questionnaires so have enough kinetic energy to sound twelve times the longest 12:59 (in terms of three questions). Moreover, it is also equipped with a 2 o'clock position at the dual power storage display, the two overlapping of the pointer, respectively, show the timekeeping device and movement of the power storage state.
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike three questions table is the biggest advantage: the gathering of high-tech mechanism of the timepieces worn in the wrist, superb skills are hidden, because it has the ultimate delicate and delicate appearance and marked with the Geneva mark. The wearer can be arbitrary, press the button on the configuration in the crown, you can hear the watch out of hours, engraved, minutes of the wonderful music, this sweet sound will become the wearer and the people around the most exciting enjoy.
High performance sapphire
Transparent sapphire crystal is a traditional watch scratch mask with material. However, the texture of this material is very uniform and hard, and has some Chopard Chopin to successfully develop the excellent performance. In general, the three sounds of the table is a spring around the movement of the tubular parts, when the device started by the hammer hammer hit, through the vibration to resonate and make a sound. But with its use of steel or gold sound spring, L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table is equipped with sapphire crystal spring, and Chopard Chopard also want to push this innovative design farther, so that these sound spring as part of a harmonious whole.
In other words, these sapphire crystal sound spring and sapphire crystal mirror is made of the same piece of sapphire crystal, so the sound spring and mirror the two is in fact the same piece of material, there is no welding point, no glue or Screw connection fixed, which in the history of watches is completely unique and innovative design concept, so Chopard Chopard applied for a patent. Whether in the watch industry or in the field of high-fidelity, the convergence of the material must be more or less on the transmission of sound waves unfavorable. So the sound spring and the irrational connection between the mirror can be faithfully passed directly to the case, without losing the slightest strength and its unique sound quality.
Sapphire crystal also has another advantage, that is, it is very hard texture characteristics. That is, the use of steel hammer hit two million times to test its tolerance, it is still strong not broken. However, the cost of hard advantage is: the production of this material difficult. To use such a hard wear-resistant material to produce a very fine overall, and can not let the sound spring and the connection between the mirror broken, requires a lot of strong enough but at the same time very precise tool. It is a testament to the technical feat and endurance test that takes three years to be successfully developed.
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strik
The sound of the sound and pure sound
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table has a unique sound quality. It is issued by the ring with no metal-like cold or stiff feeling, but very full mellow, clear crystal clear feeling. The scale is transferred to do and fa two notes, long and long sound, lingering sound. Level rich sound also reached an unprecedented peak, because the first use of sapphire crystal as a source, and sapphire crystal itself also played the role of public address.
Finally, L.U.C Full Strike three questioning the intensity of the ring is also a blockbuster. For the Chopard Chopard watch, the intensity of the sound is not the most important to achieve the purpose, because to get the strength had to sacrifice the quality of the sound. And the watch in the spring hit 12:59 minutes of 16 seconds, the sound is a balanced way to issue, to achieve such a rare ringing results can be described as a watch feat.
Between sounds
In terms of music, sometimes silent sound, silence is equally important with the music. For the three tables, the mute stage also has the same importance, so Chopard Chopin in this direction to research and development of L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table. Its regulator, that is, for the ringing device gives the rhythm of the components, is a rotating part, can be seen at 8 o'clock position. The regulator usually emits a buzz, but the 08.01-L movement regulator does not hear any sound at all. The components used in the general ringing device sometimes emit a click after the end of the melody, but the L.U.C Full Strike does not do so. Moreover, the watch to improve a three asked the table the most headaches of the problem, that is, the last time in the newspaper and the first sound of the mute between the first phase may be reported with the different length of the clock one.
Indeed, the whole ringing period will have a period of time, a period of time, and then add a report minutes, which usually have a very long quiet blank, this time the wearer must wait patiently, and sometimes doubt whether the watch is still Running. But Chopard Chopard's 08.01-L movement will automatically skip these too long mute stage, thanks to its delicate structure, it is engraved, the sub-gear is overlapping structure, so can affect each other, when one of the end Playing spring, it will automatically start the next mechanism to turn, no matter how many times to beat, during which the rhythm is kept consistent.
Movement of the movement of the art
08.01-L movement of the design concept is unique. Often, the movement of the traditional three-question table is a two-layer structure. One layer is the mechanism of measuring time, the other layer is responsible for the measured time into a ringing melody. And this brand new LUC movement is extremely sophisticated slim, making the LUC Full Strike three tables face the total thickness of only 11.55 mm, for a load more than 500 components of the movement, this thickness is really very rare.
In the movement, the whole by the barrel, wheel and adjustment components, this part has 60 hours of power reserve function, and by the Swiss official Observatory Precision Timekeeping (COSC). In this regard, LUC Full Strike three asked the table in full compliance with Chopard Chopin co-president Karl - Friedrich Scheffer (Karl-Friedrich Scheufele) strict requirements, but also by the LUC series of watches adhere to the precision timetable certification Advanced tabulation principle. On the other hand, the watch three-function function of the spring service mechanism with the traditional approach quite different, it is set in the side of the dial, so the overall mechanism from the surface at a glance.
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike three asked the hammer is a steel material, the strength of the percussion according to personal preferences to individual adjustments. Adjusting sound intensity This precise operation can be easily done by a watchmaker.
Ingenuity of the power storage display system
For the musician who plays the wind instrument, the most important basic tool is his "qi" before he is skilled in mastering the instrument. Similarly, for a three questioning table, the sustainability is also a very decisive part. LUC Full Strike three asked the table with two barrels, two are sliding spring structure, shaped with self-winding movement of the barrel, so that the action on the chain will not trip to too tight spring, and This also prevents breakage. One of the barrels stores the kinetic energy required for the measurement time, and the other kinetic energy required to reserve the spring timekeeping mechanism. Therefore, L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table without the need to consume the kinetic energy to operate the traditional table is located in the case side of the time bar. Three strokes of the power is stored in a dedicated barrel, so that the watch can ring twelve times "the longest time" 12:59. To the winding, large diameter rose gold crown combination of differential, the power can be manually on the chain in accordance with the direction of rotation of the crown directly to the transmission of the barrel.
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike is also equipped with a sophisticated power reserve display system, the system consists of two coaxial pointer composition. A golden pointer to show the movement of the power reserve state, another blue pointer shows how many times can start the alarm function. But the power reserve display system is not only to give information only, this is the watch many of the many security mechanisms based on.
So that the operation of the movement more secure and reliable
Three complex table sophisticated mechanism of interaction in the tabulation is called no analogy. The operation of the machine is very large, so the possibility of damage also increased. Therefore, Chopard Chopard in particular for the 08.01-L movement designed three sets of security mechanisms to protect the movement from damage due to wrong operation. The dynamic reserve system also combines a half-toothed gear, when the power is insufficient, it will automatically stop the three asked the table ringing function, so the watch will be due to lack of power and can not complete the sound of the operation The
On the other hand, in order to maximize the power reserve function of the timekeeping mechanism, Chopard Chopard in the 08.01-L movement of the clutch loaded a sophisticated mechanism, and to apply for a patent. This mechanism allows the clutch to be separated from the occasion, the regulator does not run, only when everything is in place, the timekeeping mechanism will consume kinetic energy.
Ringing mechanism in operation, the crown and movement will be disconnected, so at this time can not adjust the time action, which will lead to damage to the movement. The timing button on the crown of the device will also be stopped at this time, because if the mechanism is not followed again, the mechanism will be forced to force the ringing mechanism.
So that the operation of the sound more accurate and reliable
The risk of loading the three-function movement is not only the problem of parts damage, but also may encounter the imperfect dilemma. So Chopard Chopard created some additional security mechanisms to ensure that every time the regularity of the timekeeping. The scroll cam is the part that determines the number of times to hit the table, through the protruding parts on the rack, but the operation of the watch is not like the traditional practice, directly from the rack transfer, but by the start of the ratchet ratchet Operation. This type of transmission principle can improve safety, and then ensure the rhythm of the rhythm of the law. This construction is usually used in the timing of the spiral cam system, but in the movement, but also extends the use of the lettering cam and newspaper cam design.
Chopard Chopard also solved the problem of uneven sound intensity. In order to avoid the last few times the sound of the sound weakened, so the use of ratchet coaxial structure to ensure that the hammer raised the accuracy of the sound spring to knock out a constant force. Moreover, there is a flexible link between the timekeeping and the ratchet ratchet, which ensures the rhythm of the constant law between the last and the first of the time, regardless of the number of beats that followed.
With these seven security mechanisms, L.U.C Full Strike three asked to express the exceptionally excellent precision complexity. Protected by multiple layers of the watch from the risk of damage. This time always concerned about the durability of the watch and the quality of the spirit of solid Chopard Chopard watch the characteristics of the watch.
L.U.C series of fine times
In addition to rich high-end tabulation complex features rich background, L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table is also a design elegant classic luxury watch. Loyal to the design of the L.U.C series watch features, its case in the middle of the retreat of the vertical satin scrub treatment, and decorated with a bezel and watch the bottom of the formation of a wonderful contrast. Moreover, all the inscriptions at the end of the table are hand-engraved. The watch case is made of "equitable mining" certified 18K rose gold, this certification proved Chopard Chopard on small-scale manual miners in accordance with ethical, moral, environmental protection guidelines for the process of mining gold material support The
Diameter of 42.5 mm, thickness of 11.55 mm case has the most appropriate size. Especially carefully delineated lines have a very balanced beauty. In fact, most of the three questionnaires are usually equipped with a timing lever located on the side of the case to provide the kinetic energy required for the ringing mechanism. But this section L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table to start the device is pressed on the crown set on the button. Watch with CITES certified double-sided crocodile leather strap, hand-sewn strap material is stained by the plant color material. Double-sided crocodile leather strap is the advantage, whether it is to appreciate the dial or from the bottom of the table can be seen movement, both sides are exquisite precious leather.
Chopard Chopard L.U.C Full Strike three asked the table has a large area of ​​hollow dial decoration, but it needs more carefully carved effort. It is completely refined with solid gold, including a small second hand at the 6 o'clock position. table

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