Glashütte Senator Navigator Series 100-09-07-04-04 Flying start, deo free travel!

26. srpna 2017 v 3:25
replica watches online review Glashütte Senator Navigator series admired Glashütte, far from two days a day. Just pick up it is harder and harder. Because it does not like eccentricity, while they do not often wear suits. Choose to pick, only the pilot of this series. This series, there are 39 cores, there are 100 core. In my technical party's view, the same price of course, to pick the core of 100 ah! And since it is a big fly, you have to be authentic! Did you go through it? No! The So, the best choice, in my opinion is 100-09-07-04-04! The same time as
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Sad reminder is ... ... stop production! Where to find it ... ... who knows the day to see the poor, when traveling in Europe, in May 2014, finally in Vienna, a table shop to find the last one may be on the sale of it! Carefully liver porphyrin pond porphyrin jumped, won! As out of print, the price is not important!


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