Soft and charming recommended several 18K rose gold men watch

22. srpna 2017 v 9:26
1st copy watches Rose Gold, from its romantic name alone, can lead people to countless wonderful associations. In the glittering gold and classic elegant platinum, the soft and charming pink rose gradually fashionable "new favorites", it is unique to the warm and elegant interpretation of precious metal jewelry and a new world. With 18K rose gold watch to create a noble and elegant sense, personally think that the rose gold watch with a belt is a nice combination, the following recommended several classic rose gold watch, I hope you like.

copy watches for sale Recommended reason: This code "to Zhen coaxial" 40 mm clock design prototype was born in 1949, its sleek and elegant 18K rose gold case unique. Case within the 30 mm 8511 movement manual winding coaxial movement with a silver gossamer without card counting spiral spring balancing and continuous arrangement of the double drum movement in addition to exquisite workmanship, excellent appearance, but also excellent accuracy and stability. The movement surface is treated by luxury, decorated with unique Arab Geneva waves. Milky white silver curved dial with retro elegant "Paris decorated nail" design, paired with brown crocodile ribbon, elegant ceremonial, gentleman fan Li Xian. copy watches turkey

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