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Traditional craft and cultural elements of the watch recommended

26. září 2017 v 9:39
replica watches new york Look at this only square inch size watch dial, although its general size in about 40 mm, but through the hands of watchmakers, into a variety of technology, adding a variety of cultural elements, invisible can be "metamorphosis" Out of endless artistic charm, this watch has not only a watch, it is worth a long-term collection and fine taste of art. Tentatively not here, "boasted" that this said that, directly into the theme, together to see a few elements of the integration of traditional crafts and cultural elements of the watch.
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Can only "far" view and not be able to play Yan Yan three traditional craft and cultural elements wrist
Blancpain Villeret series elephant head god Niege paragraph red copper craft watch
Product Type: 6615-3616-55B
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap material: crocodile skin
Dial Size: 45mm
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Table price: 1216,500 yuan
replica yurman watch Watch Comments: This watch can be described as a typical representative of the Blancpain Villeret series, with a unique watchmaking process, won the 2015 GPHG the best craft watch award. The watch is mainly through the Damascus Golden Eagle and the East red bronze painted these two ancient craftsmanship carefully crafted, dial center location decorated with head god Gnies (Ganesh) portrait, iconic head like jumping Appear on top of the dial. For the Hindu gods, like the Hindus is the god of all obstacles, but also all the wisdom, knowledge and prudence of the gods on the dial is located in the Hindu pattern center of a hand-carved gold The throne is enough to prove its status. The watch with a diameter of 45 mm red gold trapezoidal case, dark brown crocodile leather strap, color with a harmonious and smooth, equipped with Blancpain 15B manual winding movement, back through the design, through the sapphire crystal glass table The bottom can be clearly seen on the movement above the Geneva ripples.

Example for the Goblin new three Jinqiao Tourbillon three asked watch

13. září 2017 v 8:11
replica watches essex Girard Perregaux This three Jinqiao Tourbillon three asked the watch to create a new timekeeping device structure, showing the brand extraordinary tabulation level, superb watchmaking process is also extraordinary. This watch sets of three Jinqiao Tourbillon and three asked the two super complex functions in one, not only functional and demanding skills, through the hollow disk can also enjoy the tourbillon running, three asked the time of a series of actions, as if A visual feast, this table not only make you lament the craft superior, it is all the exquisite structure presented in your eyes.
replica watches egypt Watch table diameter of 45 mm, can be regarded as a big guy, 18K rose gold to build, the wrist must have a sense of existence. Shell looks like a magnificent momentum, bezel drawing polished, table ear polished translucent, visual contrast is strong, looks rich level.
replica watches ebay uk This three Jinqiao Tourbillon three asked the mechanical structure of the unique design, with a strong ornamental, due to the location of the various components of the clever arrangement, which makes the sound transmission to optimize the watch, the sound more crisp and sweet , Which is a major innovation in the watch industry.
For the watch equipped with three devices, the issue of loud, crisp sound is not an easy thing, need a long time repeated debugging. The new work will be three Jinqiao Tourbillon device and make three asked the device issued a crisp sound of most of the components mounted on the front, even worn on the wrist, still able to issue crisp and clear voice, exciting. Compared to a lot of three questions to the timekeeping system on the table back, how much will affect the process of wearing the alarm when the sound, set in front of the sound can be better spread. To achieve this effect, Girard Perrega's watchmaker not only redesigned the entire movement, but also changed the original structure and working principle.
The current use of the design of the complexity of the original, fully reveal the three asked the device beautifully constructed, so that the wearer feast for the eyes at the same time pleasant ears. The timekeeping device will reveal the parts, through the dial opening can be glance, at the same time on the dial on the hammer and sound spring clever layout, so that with the timekeeping device with the side, not only easy to observe the operation of the trigger device, but also enjoy Hit the sound of the sound hammer.
Girard Perregaux watchmaker on the size of the case and the relationship between the movement was carefully studied, as far as possible to provide the best space arrangement. The inside of the case is specially machined and modified to limit any sound that can be produced, and because the wrong notes are not allowed, the sapphire glass case is specially machined to give the loudness of the loudspeakers unique to most of the instruments. maximize. In the open three asked function, the hammer of each hit can send a clear, sweet sound.
And this table of the tourbillon device is not better than the three asked the device, Girard Perregaux is the production of Tourbillon expert, this table carrying the Tourbillon a total of 91 parts, weighing only 0.49 grams, every 60 seconds to rotate a week, also Very luxurious with 18k rose gold material screws placed in the pendulum Tuo, so that when the trip is accurate and stable, more visual beauty.
GP 09500-0002-type movement of first-class work, beautiful and stable, power storage of about 58 hours, a total of 37 gem, three bridge plywood are 18K rose gold material.
This table is also very beautiful at the end of the table, the visual effects do not lose the disk, you can clearly see the plywood delicate chamfer, the movement of the assembly together need to spend more than 270 hours of watchmakers hours, and not allowed the slightest mistake.
Summary: watch limited to 10, I believe that every price will be a lot of money. Although this watch wears domineering, but I personally think that is not suitable for petite men, after all, 45 mm diameter is not small size, and precious metal material is also emphasis on. This watch in the Tourbillon watch on the basis of the complex three-ask function is a kind of unpredictable feeling, work advantage so superb, looks so seductive, called Girard Perregaux table for a little too much.

Cute little fresh watch for six consecutive years won the iF design award

9. září 2017 v 9:18
replica watches chennai With the launch of the Tangente neomatik nachtblau watch, NOMOS has once again won the Outstanding Product Design Award, which is the brand for six consecutive years won the iF design award. The new watch from NOMOS neomatik automatic watch series, from 59 countries and regions, 5,500 variety of products stand out, won the expert jury of all ages.
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replica watches cartier Neomatik nachtblau series watches listed in October last year, which also includes Minimatik watch and Metro watch. Although Tangente neomatik nachtblau watch is not long, but the watch has so far won two awards. "We have just launched Tangente neomatik nachtblau this new watch, and this year the design of the watch prototype - Tangente watch, has ushered in its launch of the first 25," said Judith Borowski, director of brand creativity. Year. "Neomatik nachtblau style equipped with NOMOS self-made DUW 3001 ultra-thin automatic movement, so Tangente watch" more refined and elegant. "
replica watches cheap For more than 60 years, the iF Design Award has always been dedicated to recognizing outstanding performance in design and is one of the longest and highly respected awards in the industry. The award-winning works have always been regarded as "modern signs", in the award-winning list includes a number of NOMOS watch: Among them, Minimatik watch and Metro watch in 2016 and 2015, respectively, the harvest iF Design Award Gold Award. Previously, NOMOS's Ahoi (2014), Tangomat GMT Plus (2013) and Zürich (2012) and other watches have also won this award. So this year, this is located in the Glashütte watch factory for the sixth consecutive year won the iF design award. NOMOS is known for its stylish product design and continues the tradition of the German manufacturing alliance with Bauhaus's aesthetics. Up to now, NOMOS has received nearly 140 awards in its outstanding design and exceptional quality.

RALPH LAUREN launched a new three asked watch

6. září 2017 v 4:23
replica watches you can swim with Ralph Lauren three asked the watch is a rare high-level limited edition watch - convergence of decorative arts era beautiful style and watch the production of the most complex, the most famous complex functions in one.
RALPH LAUREN launched a new three asked watch

replica watches yoga The product integration of the past and present, set a long history of handmade craftsmanship and modern elegance as one, with the most exquisite expertise to create its subtle structure. In the slim 42 mm platinum case on demand ringing, three asked the watch can be used for three unique sound, carved, minutes of timekeeping. RL888 manual winding movement and its up to 100 hours of power storage and with additional complex structure, to provide movement and the case side of the three devices between the protection required to ensure that the watch can withstand underwater 30 meters pressure.
RALPH LAUREN launched a new three asked watch
replica yurman watch Engraved by the engraving master in the antique-style fancy machine engraved out of the 80 complex wheat grain from the central extension of the dial to the outer edge of the manual design to make this complex product more perfect. 6 o'clock position of the small dial second hand further highlights the dial from the decorative art of the artistic inspiration, with a black crocodile leather strap with echoes.
Exquisite material and scale decoration, all highlight this watch on the traditional respect, and three asked the watch's cutting-edge movement is to express Ralph Lauren on the senior watch art innovation view.
RALPH LAUREN three asked table Ø42 mm watch - platinum
RALPH LAUREN launched a new three asked watch
Technical characteristics
Manual winding mechanical movement
Swiss watch factory special movement
Movement: RL888, 14 ¼ '' ', 37 gems
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times / hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: ~ 100 hours
Number of components: 300
Decoration: longitudinal Geneva ripple
Hour, minute display, seconds small dial at 6 o'clock position
18K white gold, polished, engraved bezel
Diameter: 42.50 mm; thickness: 10.10 mm
Flat sapphire crystal, internal transparent anti-reflective treatment
Lug width: 20.05 mm
Waterproof depth: 3 bar (about 30 meters)
Crown: 18K white gold
Gold Weight: about 43 grams
Color: silver milky white, center grid decoration
Time: Black Print Roman numerals
Minutes, seconds: black printing Arabic numerals and rail scale
Hours: Breguet-style pointer
Color: bright black oxide coating
Black crocodile skin, black Alsavel® lining
Buckle width: 16.00 mm
Length: 115/70 mm
18K white gold pin buckle, polished
Gold Weight: about 1.90 gra