Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon deserves an excellent tour

11. října 2017 v 8:04
replica watches gucci Since 2006, Datograph Perpetual on behalf of the flyback chronograph and calendar clever combination. After ten years, this charming watch is now equipped with Tourbillon function - despite a glance, the only tourbillon traceable place only on the dial on the table name only, it is because it can only through the sapphire Crystal bottom cover watch.
replica watches germany The combination of this popular device in such a superior watch, the watchmaker is an unprecedented test, because the 729 parts of the L952.2-type movement is not composed of individual modules. On the contrary, Lange decided to adopt a more refined but more complex solution: re-making movement, will be named for the watch three complex functions into one, into a whole.
The wearer can watch through the sapphire crystal base
replica watches greenhills Datotel Perpetual Tourbillon Tourbillon
Chronograph with guide column wheel device, accurate jump points sub-disk, fly back function. Instant jump calendar and moon show, Lange calendar display match each other. Movement by hand modification, in line with the most stringent Lange standard; wearer through the sapphire crystal bottom cover to enjoy the movement inside, to understand the timing device around the tourbillon layout. Watch with a patent stop seconds device, pull the crown, you can instantly stop balance balance wheel, so watch the precision set to seconds.
This watch limited edition of 100, the essence of its structure can be seen in the design - black dial layout is clear, even if the information is numerous, can still be clearly displayed.

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