Professional watchmaking innovation breakthrough in the field of endless ship table

25. října 2017 v 3:32
replica watches europe Yu-ship swear in the breakthrough multi-axis Tourbillon watch the limit, and a new handed down for (MP) was born. Everything begins with this extraordinary idea: a fully visible double revolving tourbillon. In this regard, Yu-ship table designed this exquisite self-produced movement, and create a new original case to highlight the mystery of the movement. Practicality to determine the sense of form, which also follow the Yu-ship table "100%" watch design philosophy, that is, the original function of the development of a dedicated movement, and to highlight the characteristics of the movement and special external parts.
replica watches diamonds Yu Chuan Tablet CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: "handed down the (MP) series show Yu-ship table super independent tabulation capabilities, we try to create a unique for each watch unique Aesthetic appearance.
replica watches ebay Able to independently design and production complement each other's movement and case, is a comprehensive professional watch brand logo. MP-09 really reveals the Yu-ship table strong self-manufacturing capacity.
Yu-ship table for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch equipped with excellent performance MHUB9009.H1.RA self-winding movement, with 5 days power reserve. Biaxuan Tourbillon presents the ultimate beauty of mechanical movement, the first axis of rotation once per minute, the second axis every 30 seconds to rotate once, it is feast for the eyes, but also both interesting.
In order to highlight the movement as much as possible - watch "beating heart", Yu-ship table watch factory professional watchmaker for the MP-09 to create a unique case. Dial 6 o'clock position with a large hollow window, through the ultra-complex three-sided sapphire mirror, dual-axis Tourbillon frenzy swing glance, the biaxial design than ordinary Tourbillon can overcome the impact of gravity.
In addition, the handed down for the MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis watch also because of its original date adjustment system and come to the fore. The design ingenuity and practical, through a simple push up and down, you can quickly two-way calibration calendar. Multi-level dial structure, alternating black, white and red, making MP-09 more elegant. In the hours and minutes show near the date display was two semi-circular arrangement, can be instantly changed at different levels, 9 o'clock position with a dynamic reserve display.
The watch integrates a number of Yu-ship table iconic design, including 49 mm diameter case and 30 meters waterproof depth, a total of two styles: titanium and Wang Jin section (top and bottom plywood table back). As the use of cutting-edge technology of ultra-complex function watch, Yu-ship table for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch limited edition: Titanium Edition limited edition 50, Wang Jin limited edition 20.
Inherited professional watchmaking tradition, but also no lack of strong personality, handed down for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch come out, once again proved Yu-ship table in the field of super-watch super strength.

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