Retro BR V1-92 watch released military style in the classic masterpiece

31. října 2017 v 6:56
replica watches hublot When I saw the new Bell and Ross Retro BR V1-92 military watch, I often think, although Edwin Stahl said "war is absolutely no good thing", but have to admit that we rely on most of today Technology is derived from military technology, which is perhaps the history of our satire it
replica watches hong kong The war first brought destruction and ultimately promoted economic, technological and social development. This is perhaps the "broken and then" the true meaning of it The New York Times reported that the "watch state changes" point of view, the necessity of modern warfare that the officers and men need to be able to have precise perception in time, worn on the wrist of the old military watch is the only practical method, the time can easily Make sure that the old pocket watch is not possible.
replica watches good quality Therefore, when Bell and Ross launched the WW1-92 military watch, I particularly like this from the human history of the design, watch from the pocket to wear on the wrist is absolutely necessary invention.
And this new BR V1-92 military watch, is a more modern direction to the development of the steps, smaller diameter, wear more convenient.
This BR V1-92 military watch follows the evolution of the watch after the Second World War, using B-Uhr's simple aesthetic dial, and another World War II before the German Air Force to provide another landmark military Watch style similar.
BR V1-92 military watch is back to the watch the beginning of the boutique. Its powerful is the simple and practical function of the watch, stripping all the fancy design and decoration, the new Bell & Ross BR V1-92 has incomparable readability and undeniable practicality, it can be said that this may be the most Good retro military inspiration watch one.

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