What to pay attention to buy a table? Select the table to pay attention to these five points will not buy the basic wrong

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carl f bucherer replica watches Just said and men have at least three men's life watch, sports watch, dress table, casual table can hold a variety of occasions. Then there are table friends in the background to the old Wei left a few words that you want to watch, you have to know how to choose a table ah! So today, old Wei hand teach you how to choose a suitable watch. How much do you spend on the watch?
mb&f hm4 replica watches The economic basis determines the superstructure, although this sentence is very economic and political books, but it is the truth ah. Therefore, when you choose the grade of the watch should do what you want, do not buy a piece of land every month to spend money to spend chanting Oh. That in the end how much to buy a more suitable for it, neither too casual nor will you let you live on the soil, the famous watch critic Mr. Zhu Lei had mentioned a principle - a two-month monthly salary to buy A table.
g replica watch This should be easier for many people, if you are a monthly salary of 4000 people, you will buy a iPhone8 spent two months salary, it might as well buy a Mido watch wear more cool. Therefore, this principle is very practical for working-class people. It does not affect daily life and meets the wearer's identity. What type of watch do you need?
If you are in the first watch when you start, it should be based on their occupation and communication needs to make a choice, in general, the daily wear watches to have a functional and practical, comfortable to wear, classic and so on the shape of wild, which said Casual table is friends.
And then is the table to wear sports occasions, sports table based on different sports, such as diving, golf, polo wear a suitable watch. Rolex submariners, Omega hippocampus, plot home flip, as well as racing style Tiger Tagaytay Calera is a very good choice.
Finally, the so-called gorgeous dazzling watch models are suitable for high-end occasions to wear, most of them jewelery watches, precious metal watches and complicated watches, whether or craft are the king in the table, but also the ultimate goal of many watch players. Complex features Breitling air timekeeping, Bulgari watches, Earl jewelery watches to wear this occasion to wear a spotlight, become the focus. What brand of watch for you
Too many watches in the world, Swiss watch, German watch, practical Japanese watch, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Longines, Tissot and many other grades of watches. So whether it is novice or watch fans, the same choice in the brand will have hesitation.
The world is too good brand, too many temptations, if you want to make a decision to buy a watch, then you must determine the brand you need before buying a watch. Do not feel Oops the day after you bought Omega! Breitling seems to prefer ah, regret, and then all night can not sleep. What kind of watch do you need?
To know the watch carefully divided into the material but there are more than 10 kinds, divided into two main categories: precious metals and other metals. Precious metal refers to the main material is gold and silver, this watch is generally high-grade, with high ornamental and value-added is its main feature. Yu Shui watch favorite is the precious metal, covering zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, titanium and other precious metals and diamonds, precious stones, gold, platinum, ceramics, stainless steel and natural rubber perfect fusion.
The other most popular metal is steel, the lower the cost of materials in the corrosion resistance and wear resistance is also quite good, is the mainstream of watch manufacturing materials, if you carefully watch the parameters of the watch, you Will find a lot of steel used in the watch is 316 steel. 316 is a kind of stainless steel, compared with ordinary stainless steel, 316 stainless steel due to the addition of Mo, so its corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength is particularly good, can be used under harsh conditions.
There is the more prosperous ceramic these two years, the lighter weight of this material, the hardness is ten times that of stainless steel, but also has heat, never wear and never fade this advantage, known as the best overall performance materials. What shape do you fit the watch?
Since the watch is an indispensable decoration for men, then the shape is bound to be the most important, that shape is the key to determining the overall style of the watch is not excessive, and now we say how to choose the next watch style.
The first is to size according to their own wrist size, select the size of the dial watch. Most men think watches with a diameter of 40-44 mm are good-looking because the size is large and medium for them. If your wrist is small, then 36 mm table in some cases more appropriate, but personally think that the old Wei try to avoid the choice of 38 mm below the watch.
Watch the mainstream shape of three basic: the classic round, elegant square, retro barrel type. The round shape is the most wild and the most secure shape, no matter what type of people wear are appropriate, but it also means more public, for the pursuit of personality who can consider the latter.
Square is a very temperament to control the shape, this shape is very suitable for Chinese people do not wear the wrist so much, it is more elegant and more can highlight the introverted beauty of the Orientals. Finally, the barrel type, the shape of the table is very retro, but also relatively rare, the style is similar to the square table, suitable for the pursuit of individuality people wear. Of course, there are some special polygons, triangular watches, such as Hamilton's triangular watch, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and more.
Do the above five words, when you buy the table will not be so tangled. I hope everyone can buy their own watch.

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